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Hi, Hater: Squashing Workplace Beef from Start Can Ensure Less Drama in the End

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How to Recognize Them

Haters come in all forms. They are usually the ones that want what you have. Instead of focusing that negative energy on getting smarter, building work alliances, and creating a more productive work environment, they are the ones snickering at all your success and promotions.

Every compliment is countered with a negative undertone: “Nice samples of your new jewelry line. I see the pricing is low. It must be cheap,” is a statement a hater would make. Or, if ever there’s a time you make a mistake, they run and shout it on the hills as if it’s the hot topic of the day. They are the people who always look at you with the side eye or their lip slightly turned up, usually for no reason at all. They thrive off negativity and foster feelings of inadequacy in all their relationships.

Why They Hate

No doubt this behavior stems from childhood where they are taught to view their own personal appearance, personal value and worth with a critical eye, never quite measuring up. Bottom line, they have personal issues within themselves that most likely stem from jealousy, bitterness, inferiority, anger]and shame.

There are a number of causes behind a person being a hater and having negative attitudes in the workplace or their personal life. The foremost among these is dissatisfaction with the way their life is going or has shaped up. If a person is in an unfulfilling relationship, or if they find themselves pursuing a profession they are least interested in, they are bound to feel frustrated and develop negative feelings.

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