How to Get LinkedIn Endorsements That Really Matter

How to Get LinkedIn Endorsements That Really Matter

When it comes to social networking sites, LinkedIn is not viewed as one of the most exciting platforms (thanks to the ability to “pin,” “tweet” and “Facebook” nearly any aspect of life), but it is definitely one web-based network you should invest your time in. In fact, there’s a bevy of functions that are raising the stakes, allowing professionals to stay connected with others in and outside of their spheres of influence, access applications and remain up to date on the latest career-related news. Mashable outlines five capabilities you should familiarize yourself with and maximize on LinkedIn:

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Social networking site LinkedIn rolled out endorsements, which allows users to check off a box to back another user’s skills and expertise, last September. Similar to the Facebook “Like” option, LinkedIn’s skill endorsements have received mixed reviews with some complaining that users they don’t know endorsing them, while others feel they’re getting endorsed for skills they don’t want to be recognized for.

However, when the new tool is used appropriately, it can allow your connections to provide you with a quick recommendation. In March, LinkedIn reported that 58 million professionals have been recognized for their skills, and more than 1 billion endorsements have been given out.

The Daily Muse has broken down everything you need to know about LinkedIn endorsements:

Quality, Not Quantity

Instead of concerning yourself with how many endorsements you have, concentrate on who they’re coming from.

For starters, seek endorsements from at least five people who will add credibility to your profile. But, if you see that you have an endorsement of low value, remove it, advises Debra Wheatman of The Daily Muse. To do so, go to the “Skills & Expertise” section, click “Manage Endorsements,” and use the “hide” feature.

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