Lil Wayne's Skate Park More a Nuisance Than Fun

Lil Wayne’s Skate Park More a Nuisance Than Fun

lil wayne sad

lil wayne sadLil Wayne’s skate park, Truckstop Skate Park, is facing hardship.

The park, named after Wayne’s skate-inspired clothing line, did not pass a city inspection and had to be rewired, according to The park remains closed most of the time and because of short staffing – when it is open – only a several children are allowed to skate at a time.

“We really put the cart before the horse on this project, and right now we’re at a crossroads,” said Ward “Mack” McLendon, manager of the skate park. “Everybody wants to make this work.”

Lil Wayne visited the park with some kids during Super Bowl weekend and Mclendon adds that, “He’s on board, and he really wants this for the community.”