Lil Wayne Reportedly Facing Lawsuit over Young Money Website

Lil Wayne Allegedly Being Sued Over Young Money Website

Hip-hop artist Lil' Wayne (Image: File)

Looks like a major part of the Young Money brand is in jeopardy if the company’s head boss man doesn’t pay his obligated fees.

According to a recent report, Lil Wayne is allegedly being sued over the rights to his website, which was sold to his label in 2011 for $600,000.

The selling company, who used the site as a business specializing in helping young entrepreneurs manage and make money, sold the domain to Wayne’s camp under the condition that if the Young Money label didn’t make the payments on time that the website would go back to its seller.

According to the lawsuit, Lil Wayne and Young Money haven’t paid the $250,000 balance it owes and is ducking its obligation to pay off the bill.

If Wayne and his team don’t pay up soon, it looks they will have to say goodbye to their Young Money Web presence.