Lil Kim's Ex-Partner Sues The Queen Bee for $15 Million

Lil Kim Sued for $15 Million by Former Business Partner

lil kim makeupAfter filing a $1 million lawsuit against her lawyer in mid-March, Lil Kim’s former business partner is now filing “a $15 million counter-suit, claiming ‘abuse of control, gross mismanagement, corporate waste and other misconduct’ involving their company, International Rock Star Corp.,” says

The Queen Bee’s ex-partner, Andrew Ro, filed his lawsuit with the New York Supreme Court, and claims he never “misappropriated her trademark and branding rights so he could … cash in.”

In the filed documents, Ro says Kim’s actions often stopped him from being able to enter into prominent endorsement deals with a “private vodka label, an energy drink, a social media venture and a fragrance line.” He goes on to say that the Brooklyn raptress continually blew off meetings and stopped returning phone calls during the middle of possible contract negotiations.

With her continual disregard for their company, Andrew Ro says, “her actions have cost the company at least $15 million.”