Life Coach Stacia Pierce Shares 3 Most Important Money Lessons

Life Coach Stacia Pierce Shares 3 Most Important Money Lessons

Stacia Pierce
(Image: Derek Blanks)

Stacia Pierce is an award-winning life coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, who has helped many women achieve their personal and life goals through her workshops, coaching, and motivational speaking. caught up with Stacia Pierce, and she shared the personal insights and lessons that have helped her achieve her life and financial goals: 3 Most Important Lessons About Money. What are the 3 most important lessons you’ve learned about money?

  1. My father always told me to make as much as you can and save as much as you can. He taught me that I wouldn’t experience a lack of resources if I was willing to work. Sometimes it’s not always the work you want to do, but do what needs to be done so that money isn’t a problem, but a solution for you. The impact this lesson has had on my life: it has caused me to make wise buying decisions and accumulate a savings.  It’s a lesson that I pass on to my kids and my Success Mastery coaching clients. It puts them in a great position because a lot of young adults under 25 don’t have a savings that they can do anything significant with. My clients now have reserves to expand their business because of this initial lesson that they learn.
  2. Create a money mantra. For the last 22 years, every time I spend money or pay a bill, I would declare, ‘There’s always more where that came from!’ Because it creates a mindset that causes you to expect to attract money instead of repel money from your life. It helps you go through life not grudgingly feeling that every time you have to spend money it’s a bad thing. It takes money to live.
  3. Know your numbers. Track your income from every source. You can underestimate how much income you really have if you’re not keeping track of it. Seeing all of your income on paper gives you the right perspective. You can clearly see how well you’re doing, be grateful for what you have and make a plan to generate more income. This lesson has made a tremendous impact on my life by putting me in a position of strength. It’s given me the opportunity to really see how to improve my financial situation. I can cut where there’s waste and do more of what’s working to bring in more income.

If you had one lesson you could convey to people about money, what would it be?

I would say, don’t be quick to put your money into the hands of others. No one will respect or protect your hard earned money like you will.