LeBron James Jersey Fetched for $50,040

LeBron James Jersey Fetched for $50,040

LeBron James adds a daughter to his family
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Reporting by Jenisha Watts:

Another day in LeBron James land, a jersey worn by the high-paid athlete during the second half of his regular season return to his hometown Cleveland last month sold for $50,040 on Thursday night, according to ESPN.com.

On Oct. 30, a sweaty James played in the uniform for the Cavaliers’ season opener against the New York Knicks. He scored 17 points. James, who welcomed his third child, daughter Zhuri Nova, on Wednesday, Oct. 22, was the only star whose jersey auctioned for over $10,000. Teammates Kevin Love ($2,595) and Kyrie Irving ($5,761) Cleveland tops sold for a combined $8,356. No word on who walked away with James’ now famous tunic.