How to Detox From Technology, Suppress Inner Jerk

Technology Making You a Jerk? 4 Reasons You Should Leave It At the Door

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Have you ever felt extremely anxious after realizing you left your smartphone on the kitchen counter, bed stand or in some ridiculous spot in your house? That anxiety is likely followed by a bout of anger. The inability to text the babysitter, send a couple of emails before you step into the office or conduct a random Google search won’t throw your day off. In fact, it will actually do you a world of good. While the on-the-go mentality seems to be beefing up your productivity level, it could actually be unleashing your inner jerk.

“The ‘always on’ business mentality means that you never take time to enjoy the moment,” said Managing Director of Waldschmidt Partners International Dan Waldschmidt. “You’re just moving between e-mails, calls or business tasks. People around you just seem to get in the way. Which is ironic, because those very people are the ones that you need to win over with your business idea. But you won’t, because you’re acting like a jerk.”

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