Day 3: Leading Executives Talk Creating Diversity and Innovation in the Workplace

Day 3: Leading Executives Talk Diversity and Innovation in the Workplace

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Day 3 of the Women of Power Summit has begun with dynamic conversations and networking taking place among hundreds of leading women in corporate America and entrepreneurship.

In a panel titled “Creating a Culture of Global ‘Innoversity,’ Where Innovation Meets Diversity,” the women gained insight on how they can create a diverse and effective culture into the workplace.

Moderated by Rosalind Hudnell, vice president of human resources, CDO and global director of education and external relations at Intel Corps, the session included a panel of leading executives who use their leadership positions in corporate America to prove that diversity is key to profitability. Power women Dasha Dwin from Grosvenor Capital management, Cecilia Carter from PepsiCo and Geri Thomas from Bank of America each discussed how they make it a point to create a diverse culture within their company.

Dwin, who serves as chief human resources officer and managing director at Grosvenor Capital Management talked about her efforts to fill positions with qualified minority candidates.

Both Carter, who serves as the vice president of human resources communications at PepsiCo, and Thomas, who is SVP, global diversity and inclusion executive and Georgia market president for Bank of America, echoed Dwin’s point of purposefully bringing more diverse candidates to their company and urged other leaders in corporate America to do the same.

“The color of the world is changing, so if you miss that you’re going to miss out,” said Thomas. “Perhaps, you will be a company that doesn’t exist in the future.”

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