Leadership: 5 Steps to Upgrade Your WOW

Leadership: 5 Steps to Upgrading Your WOW

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Successful leaders must be innovative to continue their success. Managers, bosses and entrepreneurs who have longevity often create or facilitate new ways to make their businesses better, and they motivate their teams to do the same. Becoming complacent is not an option in a business world where the sky is the limit and competition is fierce.

Finding better strategies to do what you do best is key to expanding your professional horizons and ensuring the advancement of your business and career.

Inc.com offers five steps to upgrading your “Way-Of-Working (WOW).”

1. Begin with a brainstorm: “Hey, what if we tried X, I bet it would improve our success rate.” We play it out in our heads a bit, see if it passes the sniff test—namely, the leap of faith or logic we have to make to believe in a new WOW is reasonable.

2. Find an opportunity to test the new WOW. We look for a client situation where we feel very comfortable taking the risk (i.e., we have a very strong relationship with the client), or where we have nothing to lose (i.e., we are testing WOW prospects that are unlikely to materialize into relationships using our current approach).

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