BE Modern Man Spotlights - Leaders In Law: Meet Erick P. Gracia Jr

[Leaders In Law] Meet Erick P. Gracia Jr

Name: Erick P Gracia Jr.

Profession: Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney

Age: 34

I have contributed to the legal field by: contributing to the justice system as a leader of the law by ensuring that each of my clients has their individual voices heard in a system that many believe is not interested in what they have to say.

With a law degree from Howard University School of Law, Erick Gracia Jr. entered into the legal profession with a determined spirit and a passion for justice that was undeniable. Gracia became a tenacious trial lawyer handling cases involving attempted murder, robbery, white collar crimes, sex offenses, narcotics and serious traffic crimes. The ability to combine his courtroom and real life experiences in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner when delivering messages to jurors and judges garnered much respect among his colleagues and within the law community.

Gracia aims to clear a path toward what is just and righteous with his own successful law practice, Gracia & Mintz which is located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Licensed in both Maryland and the District of Columbia, he is committed to using his skills, reputation, and passion to ensure that his clients are treated justly and fairly in cases involving the government, corporate entities, and varied insurance companies.

Seeing individuals who follow their heart, work hard, and never make excuses provides the inspiration for Gracia to blaze a trail through the legal profession. “My greatest achievement has been starting my law firm which is the first business I have owned and is by no means an easy task,” Gracia tells BE Modern Man.My partner and I have devoted countless hours to building a legacy for ourselves and our families.”

For Gracia, building a sound legacy begins by developing the ability to lead in the courtroom and in the community. “By working hard and sharing both successes and failures, I have been able to connect with individuals on a personable level that is genuine and long lasting,” says Gracia. “We all have hardships, but it’s great to hear stories from people in leadership positions that have turned a negative into a positive. It levels the relationship.”

Today, Gracia continues to provide the highest quality of legal representation to his clientele, while simultaneously building and expanding the Gracia & Mintz brand. He takes pride in his work within the community and among his peers through professional associations and memberships. “Cultivating a successful career does not happen overnight, and I encourage young BE Modern Man hopefuls to find a supportive and motivated circle of friends,” says Gracia. “If they don’t immediately exist, focus on being great in all aspects of your life (spiritually, educationally, and physically) and that will attract the people that can help you move forward.”

By being fearless and capitalizing on every opportunity, he has made a lifelong commitment to hard work which has led to his many successes and victories inside and outside of the courtroom.

Though he boasts an impressive number of triumphant cases to his credit, Gracia’s success is a mere childhood manifestation of his dreams coming to fruition, with a determination and drive that still thrives today. “To me, a BE Modern Man means being spiritually, physically, and mentally confident while sharing and contributing information that can contribute to lifting someone else up to a level higher than you without feeling threatened,” says Gracia. “My story is one of hard work, determination, and an all-encompassing fear of failure. I took that energy and channeled it into every decision that I have made for as long as I can remember. I may not be able to guarantee that I can win every case in court, but I promised myself a long time ago that I would win every opportunity in life.”

The team salutes Erick P. Gracia for  stepping out on faith to help build a law firm that positively represents the people and communities that he serves. We are honored to call him a BE Modern Man and commend him for taking on the challenge of becoming a business owner, difference maker, and role model within in his industry and beyond.

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