Fun Facts About Food Trends This Labor Day Weekend

Fun Facts About Food Trends This Labor Day Weekend

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With Labor Day weekend nearly here, what is likely to be the favorite pastime of most people? The end-of-summer holiday is all about beaches, barbeques, and ballgames.

According to NerdWallet, this year, more than 35 million people plan to travel at least 50 miles away from home over the holiday weekend, nearly 195 million will barbeque, and hundreds of thousands will attend an exciting slate of college football games. Many of us will also spend hundreds of dollars, in the process.

Budweiser Labor Day U.S.A Survey

Budweiser has grown to become one of the highest selling beers in America. The beer company is also known for producing some of the best commercials during the Super Bowl. Budweiser released a new national study that “dares to ask the toughest questions about America’s end-of-summer holiday.”

Will more Americans light the grill or hit the theaters? Will burgers or weiners take top billing in 2016? Which brews will quench the thirst of more Americans–domestic or imported beer? And which U.S. region will bring their BBQ A-game this year?

Based on a representative survey of 2,000 Americans (ages 21+) conducted by Learndipity Data Insights, Budweiser asked respondents about their eating, drinking, and leisure plans for Labor Day 2016. The following are fun facts from the results of that survey:

Domestic Beer (Budweiser) Versus Imported Beer

Some 98 million Americans (44% of barbecue-goers) will drink an ice cold domestic beer, like Budweiser, while only 49 million (22%) will drink an imported beer.

At a Labor Day BBQ, those drinking domestic beer, such as Budweiser, are perceived as more “genuine and approachable” (70% agree for women, 59% agree for men), compared to those drinking imported beer (36% and 29%, respectively).

Barbecuing Versus Movie Watching

This is a big win for barbecue lovers; 214 million Americans (67%) plan to fire up the grill this year, while 115 million Americans (36%) plan to watch a movie at a theater or at home.

Other top Labor Day activities include having some quiet time (35%), doing an outdoor activity  (27%), attending a party (26%), and shopping (23%).

Hamburgers Versus Hot Dogs

Across the U.S., 150 million Americans (70% of barbecue-goers) expect to bite into a juicy burger, compared to 109 million hot dogs eaters (51%).

New trend:  Barbecue chicken (40%) now edges out steak (37%) and ribs (32%) on Labor Day plates.

Barbecue Love: Which U.S. Region Does It Best?

Surprise! Eastern states have the highest percentage of Labor Day barbecue plans (70% of all residents).

The western U.S. (67%) tops southern states (65%) and the Midwest (63%) for second place (email us for state results).