How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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the global non-profit Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) kicks off its annual World Series of Innovation (#WSI), presented by Microsoft,The Internet can be a dangerous place. It seems that identity thieves, child predators, and all kinds of scammers are waiting to pounce at any given moment. This is why the Federal Trade Commission made several much-needed changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, which limits the information that websites and online services are allowed to collect from children under the age of 13.

Among the changes are restrictions on the collection of a child’s geolocation information, photographs, and videos. In addition, child-focused apps and websites are no longer permitted to allow third parties to collect personal information from plug-ins without a parent’s notice and consent.

The purpose of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule is not only to protect children, but also to give parents greater control over the information that is collected from their children. The FTC has a guide for parents called Protecting Your Child’s Privacy Online, which outlines what COPPA is and gives some tips on how to protect children online.

Here are some tips on protecting your kids:

  • Talk to your children about what is and is not appropriate behavior online. Remind them that they are still accountable for their actions even if it doesn’t feel like they are operating in the “real world.” The virtual world can be just as unsafe.
  • Emphasize the dangers of making contact with strangers online.
  • Stress the importance of not disclosing personal information, such as phone numbers and  addresses.