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Is It Cheating to Have a ‘Work Husband?’

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Forty-hour work week? SMH. Does that even exist for ambitious millennial women? The answer is no.

Americans are working more than ever these days, spending almost twice the time working as they do with family and spouses. Yes, that does say something about our value system and the level of competition. More importantly, it reveals how much it means to enjoy your colleagues. But, how much is too much “enjoyment?”

Work husband is a term used loosely to describe (hetero and homosexual) male companions within a professional setting. He is often the turn-to guy for lunch dates, networking mixers and venting when you get screwed out of a promotion or hit a hurdle in your marriage. Basically, he is the guy at the office who knows way more about you than he should. Support is a great thing to have, especially because work can be stressful. But, at what point does the level of emotional support cross the line?