Infographic: How To Build Substantial Retirement Savings

[INFOGRAPHIC] #WealthforLife Wednesdays: How to Retire The Right Way

Forget about all the get-rich-quick schemes. Building a healthy retirement reserve is a slow and steady process that takes patience, consistency, and prudent investing. And planning for it is your individual responsibility as more investment decisions are being shifted from companies back to employees. Although the recession’s impact on retirement savings woke many of us up, studies show many still lack a savings plan, are fearful of investing, or may not be saving enough. This is your opportunity to give yourself a retirement report card.

BLACK ENTERPRISE teamed up with Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct) to show you how making small contributions now can have a big impact later, how loans against your retirement savings can set you back, and how factors such as debt can delay your golden years.

So grab your and click on the infographic below to see how you’re doing.