4 Social Media Strategies From Dr. Martin Luther King

4 Social Media Strategies From Martin Luther King Jr.

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mlk speaking“I have a dream” (Martin Luther King Jr, August 1963).

Without reservation, those four words inspired thousands of people and changed social history forever.

Today we can look back at the characteristics which made Martin Luther King Jr so influential and apply them to business practices on social media in a modern age. There are some fantastic parallels between how he shared his beliefs and grew his following through nothing more than passion for his dream and word-of-mouth. Let’s have a look at some ways you can achieve a similar effect for your brand on social media.

1. Content

Nobody would have turned up to MLK Jr’s speeches if he had nothing to say, or if he was simply regurgitating old ideas. People felt there was something to gain from listening to him, and they went out of their way to find and talk about his content. Why? Because it was unique, interesting, and presented in a way that got people talking.

This should be the ultimate goal of your social media content: Make it new, interesting, and shareable. If you are talking about an old issue, tackle it from a new angle, or think about it from someone else’s perspective, and always relate it back to what you or your brand’s own stance on the subject.

2. The “Dream”

Think about the people you follow on social media… I’m sure you would be able to identify what each person stands for in their particular field. Martin Luther King had a “dream” which he made explicitly clear every time he addressed the public. It’s this type of vision that attracted like-minded people to his cause, and something that we should all strive for with our own brands, personal and business.

Knowing your product and business inside out as well as having an unwavering and knowing belief in its benefits and quality will help you develop your own dream. Your belief doesn’t have to be as grandiose as Martin Luther King’s, but incorporating your corporate vision into your social media content will help people identify with your brand.

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