Lake Mary Police on George Zimmerman: 'I Wouldn't Want Him As Neighbor'

Police Chief: “I Would Not Want Zimmerman As My Neighbor”

george zimmerman
George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match with DMX has been canceled by the event's promoter.

George Zimmerman made headlines yesterday with news that he was arrested. Allegedly, he had made threats to his wife and her family which may have involved a gun. Previous reports showed that he and his wife were on rocky ground after his trial had come to an end.

The Police Chief in Lake Mary, Florida, Steve Bracknell, is frustrated that Shellie Zimmerman has now recanted her story which has led to the release of her husband.

Bracknell seems to think that Zimmerman may not know how to stay out of trouble. Citing speeding tickets, and his most recent headline arrest. TMZ asked if he would feel safe with Zimmerman as a neighbor. “The Chief was clear … “I would not want to be the neighbor of George Zimmerman.”

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