How to Survive The 2013 US Postal Service Rate Changes

How to Survive The 2013 US Postal Service Rate Changes

Postal Service Makes Direct Mail Easier For Small Businesses

usps mailmanMail and shipping services play a vital role in small business. Unless you’re all digital, more than likely your company uses the postal service for business or marketing services. But a recent price increase on postal rates of $2.75 that went into effect on January 27th will raise the prices on most services

The reason behind the increase is the United State Postal Service raising its rates to keep in line with inflation. While this ultimately means more revenue for the USPS, it does not automatically mean your business has to pay more. With new services, shipping options and materials available, now is a perfect time to reassess and reexamine your businesses shipping methods.

One easy step a business should take is making sure all current contact information is correct. By ridding a shipping database of wrong addresses, your company will be sending out a reduced number of mailings at a lower rate. Also using mail barcodes will allow an owner using USPS software to track individual mail pieces and improve deliverability.

Another step is the use of a postage meter. The built-in postage scale ensures accurate weighing, eliminates trips to the post office, and receives automatic updates from the USPS, meaning you never have to manually adjust the meter. By using a specific amount when mailing, you save money rather than having to guess how much a shipment will cost.

Source: Business2Business