How to Make Employee Surveys Less Annoying (And What to Prioritize)

How to Make Employee Surveys Less Annoying (And What to Prioritize)

The employee survey process is, historically, annoying. Employees might answer 80 questions on an online survey that takes almost an hour, they hit “submit,” and when they get a 404 page, they’re stuck wondering if their answers went through or if they even pushed the right button. On top of that, their employer might not even disclose the results of the survey or how they’ll be used.

This is not the way to go about performing employee surveys –one of the philosophies we have at BlackbookHR is that everything you do needs to consider the employee experience–a philosophy around here that we call being “employee-centric.” Here are some things to keep in mind about your employees’ perspective when planning an engagement survey:

Don’t Disrupt Them

When you require your employees to take an employee survey, you’re essentially asking them to do more work that’s not in their main job descriptions–they are taking time out of their day to provide you with information. This will only feel invasive and disruptive unless you consider their perspective carefully.

First, consider how your employees work: you’ll need to find ways to get the survey in front of them without distracting them or interrupting their work life in a burdensome way. A five-minute survey that is accessible from any platform or device is going to be much easier to manage than a 50-question paper form or online survey that forces them to click “next” after every question. Many organizations ignore the “user experience” as it relates to surveys–and that’s a huge mistake.


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