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You’ve Got the Power: 7 Ways to Take Control of Your Performance Review

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Usually, the idea is that the employer has all the power when it comes to a performance review. It’s sometimes seen as that doomed time of year where you hear whether you did good enough to get a raise or promotion — if there’s even any room to give either.

But, don’t fret. There are ways to prepare and be confident once the time for reviews comes around. Brazen Careerist offers tips on how to face it with ease:

1. Research beforehand: The worst thing you can do at your performance review is to be unprepared. If you are, you’re lost.

Instead, research and brainstorm:

  • New ideas to implement for your position.
  • Steps that could improve the department as a whole.
  • Everyone’s favorite: SALARY. (How much should you be making? Use these sites to figure that out.)

You could focus on just one or all three of these areas, whichever you’re most passionate about. The important thing is that you show the boss you’re ready.

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