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How to Find Your Brand’s Red Sole

Christian Louboutin's Iconic Sole (

In a recent post on, writer Josh Linkner wrote about what entrepreneurs can learn from the iconic red bottoms of superstar designer Christian Louboutin coveted women’s shoes.

“The sole of every single Louboutin shoe is painted bright red. Pantone 187C, to be exact. Every boot, pump, and stiletto is adorned with this brilliant red color. While high-fashion designers routinely copy each other’s ideas, Louboutins have captured the hearts (and wallets) of the luxe crowd around the world because they are unique. Special. Different. Remarkable.

At up to $1800 a pair, I’m sure the quality is good and the assembly is professional. But that’s not what women buy them. Women buy that alluring red sole. That’s what Louboutin is known for. It’s what makes his shoes distinctive.

Volvo is known for safety. Wal-Mart is known for everyday low prices. BB King is known for making the blues pour directly from his soul into his guitar…”

What’s the one thing that makes your company or brand stand out?

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