Here's How to Combat Vacation Brain

How to Combat Vacation Brain

vacation brain
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Something happens when the holidays approach. It’s as if this ultra-force (perhaps the holiday spirit) gets in the air, intoxicating everyone beyond belief and debilitating all signs of focus, productivity, work sense, duty, and/or obligation. It’s a takeover that we affectionately call “vacation brain.”

We welcome vacation brain and all its side effects, as the condition usually precedes our much needed time away. However, we should not let this force take over completely when there’s still a job to be done.

You must combat vacation brain with all you have, the best you can. And you don’t have to go at this alone– is here to help.

Check out these tips to help you be present at work–even when you’re already somewhere else.

1. Drink Green Juice

Trust that this works. I’m not sure what the fruit and vegetables in this drink are up to, but they’re clearly here to help. The immediacy of focus and rejuvenation that comes as a result of green juice will have you wondering if it’s some type of drug that you can continue to consume until “the man” finds out.

Here’s what you need:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Ginger

Drink about an 8 oz glass and watch this juice combat vacation brain, one sip at a time.

2. Create Small Challenges

You’re going on vacation, and, as we’ve established, you’re probably already halfway there. Try creating a game with your work tasks. If there is an assignment to be done, do it, and then treat yourself with a “vacation reward,” which could be as simple as browsing images of your destination or checking destination restaurant reviews. Give yourself five minutes to browse before going in to complete another task. Complete and repeat.

3. Front Load

Let’s say you’re leaving on a Friday; you don’t want your Thursday to be packed with important tasks that you can’t afford to short-change. You want to tackle those types tasks Monday through Wednesday. This may make for a hectic beginning of the week, but you’ll be glad you did this on Thursday when you can allow yourself the space to be unmotivated, numb, and clueless.

4. Read

Something about words coming at you generates focus; it just does.

5. If You Can’t Beat It, Join It

Allow vacation brain to take over. You may not make much sense when communicating; you may see mouths moving but neglect to actually listen. You may get nothing done at work or neglect a vital work task. You may drop all the balls…but you can deal with all of this whenever you get back.