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Home Work

I have a full-time job and would love to start a resumé-writing business from home as a way to supplement my income. I just don’t know how to get started. Can you give me some idea of where and how to start?
— S. Sanders-Beaman, Walstonburg, NC

A resumé-writing service is a perfect choice for a home-based business because you can set up shop with minimal funds and set your own working schedule. Since everyone needs a resumé, you’ll always have customers.

While this could be a fun way to supplement your income, it’s going to take hard work to get started. In the beginning, you will be everything — president, secretary, marketer, and accountant, (although you should hire a professional to help you track your business expenses for tax purposes).

If you are serious about making this work, pick your legal business structure (a sole proprietorship is probably the best choice for a home-based business), promote your business at every opportunity, and manage your time wisely so that your home-based business doesn’t hurt your productivity at your full-time job.

Eventually, you can enhance your services by promoting your credibility as a nationally certified resumé writer. The National Résumé Writers’ Association (www.nrwa.com; 877-843-6792) offers certification programs as well as information on starting a business, membership benefits, and where to find books about resumé writing.