Holiday Shopping: Get Ready for Goodshop Sunday

Holiday Shopping: Get Ready for Goodshop Sunday

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You’re familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you most likely haven’t heard about Goodshop Sunday. chatted with Goodshop CEO Scott Garell for details. What is Goodshop Sunday?
Scott Garell: Goodshop Sunday, Nov. 30, is the day where thousands of merchants including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, and Macy’s, will be offering great deals and coupons and donating a percentage of nearly every purchase back to the shopper’s favorite nonprofit or school!

What prompted Goodshop Sunday?
Garell: Retailers offer great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but where is the holiday spirit? On Goodshop Sunday, all of your shopping becomes about more than just consumerism. It’s also about giving back. Goodshop lists deals and coupons all year around and donates back to causes, but on Goodshop Sunday, many partners will be listing exclusive deals and double donations. To bring that home—if you support the ASPCA, one sweater would raise enough to get two dogs adopted into loving homes. If you support UNICEF, your purchase of an Xbox could donate enough to provide therapeutic milk to fourteen malnourished children. To date, Goodshop has raised more than $11 million for national and local causes.

Which black or urban-focused charities are among the 110,000 causes participating?
Garell: There are more than 112,000 nonprofits and schools participating. So pretty much name the cause you are interested in, and they are likely already a part of Goodshop.

How should black consumers approach Goodshop Sunday as a shopping option?
Garell: They should use it! Everyone is shopping online right now. And everyone’s looking for the best coupons and deals. Goodshop lists all the best coupons and deals. And then there is the added bonus that with each gift you buy, you are helping a cause you care about!