6 Google Glass Contest Winners Pay to Try the Wearable Computer

6 Google Glass Contest Winners Pay $1500 to Try the Wearable Computer

Google Glass Will Use Built-In Trackpad

The mystery surrounding Google glasses is finally starting to dissipate. California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom wore the high-tech specs on his Current TV show. During the interview, you can hear Google co-founder Sergey Brin warning Newsom “don’t touch the pad on the side.” (Click here to watch the video.)

I got…$1500 on it.

Not exactly, but apparently the six lucky winners selected to try Google Glass have agreed to pay the Menlo Park, California-based company a nice chunk of change to get their hands on the wearable computer. The Project Glass Twitter account (@projectglass) has started informing the 8,000 contest winners by responding individually to their #ifihadglass tweets.

The Twitter message reads: “You’re invited to join our #glassexplorers program. Woohoo! Make sure to follow us — we’ll DM in the coming week.”

Google gave us a sneak peek into the world of Glass when the company posted a video on the Project Glass website in February, showcasing the high-tech headset’s functionalities. Glass, which doesn’t have actual lenses in front of your eyes (but a small screen), is able to take photos, record videos, look up answers on Google and show reminders, among other features.

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