Golf & Tennis Challenge: Rodney Green Explains 'Why Golf?'

Golf & Tennis Challenge: Rodney Green Explains ‘Why Golf?’


For 14 years, Black Enterprise has been afforded the grand opportunity of direct access to one of golf’s top instructors, PGA professional Rodney Green.

A twenty-year member, Green has not only golfed professionally, but has also founded a thriving business, Rodney Green Golf Incorporated, and has coached some of the biggest names in business, politics, sports, and entertainment. caught up with Green to discuss his long-standing partnership with the Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge, where over the past several years Green has instructed hundreds of attendees on how golf can be used to enhance relationships and maximize business opportunities on the golf course.

[Related: Top 5 Minority Golf & Tennis Scholarships] What is your greatest asset as a golf instructor?

Green: Some people are feel oriented, some are visual, and then there are those who [are] very analytical. I have the ability to determine individual learning styles and adjust my teaching accordingly.

Why is it important for African Americans to further engage the game of golf?

I think that everyone should engage in golf but, obviously, I’m a bit biased in that regard. There is no doubt that [for] minorities who are in positions that require the building of networking and relationships to enhance their business, golf is absolutely a must. Golf is the sport of business.

What would you say to those that carry the notion that golf is too expensive or too difficult to participate in and enjoy?

Golf has become much more affordable over the years, as golf courses are lowering their prices to produce more rounds. I would be lying if I said golf was easy, because it’s not. But if kept in the right perspective it can be very enjoyable.

What is the biggest mistake beginners make when learning golf?

That’s an easy one–learning the game without any instruction. As with anything, the proper fundamentals are essential for success. Trying to learn how to play without learning the basics will prove to be extremely frustrating for new golfers. Take a few lessons, you’ll be glad you did.

What can be done to encourage more minorities to look to golf as a meaningful activity?

Finding a way to showcase the many affluent minorities who already play golf would be a great way to expose others to the game. As I mentioned earlier, golf is the sport of business, but it is also a great way to establish friendships. I know men and women who get together annually for group golf trips throughout the country. They travel to some of the nicest resorts around just to play golf, get some relaxation, and spend time with friends.