Golf & Tennis Challenge - Day 4: Til Next Time

Golf & Tennis Challenge – Day 4: Til Next Time

What an occasion this has been. As you can imagine, BE Golf & Tennis Challenge goers are completely partied, golfed, tennis’d, relaxed, tanned, and networked out. Now, it’s time take your rejuvenation and apply it to your regularly scheduled programs.

If you’re deciding to hang out a little longer at the PGA National Resort & Spa (lucky you), you’ll be pleased to know that there is still something awesome for you to get into. Relax throughout the day—eat, drink and be merry, just be sure that you don’t miss the Gourmet Truck Pig Out taking place from 5-8pm. All Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge attendees that are staying at the PGA National Resort & Spa can enjoy the special offer of two complimentary tickets for anyone staying at the resort tonight.

Also, if you have anything that needs to be shipped to your final destination, the FedEx Shipping Center is offering shipping supply services at the registration alcove.

If you are departing today, please be sure to have the safest travels to your destination. It has been completely awesome and is already looking forward to next year.  Be sure to check out for any news, recaps, or photos capturing your golf & tennis weekend. Also, be sure to check your social media using hashtag #BEGT to see what your friends and colleagues were sharing throughout the event.

Until next time…