Why Global Travelers are Best Workers

Haven’t Traveled the World? You May Not Be the Best Worker

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With travel can come unavoidable situations that call for quick and impromptu action, whether it’s getting lost in a country you’ve never been to before or having the hotel misplace your reservation upon arrival. Diplomacy and flexibility are key factors in ensuring your experience is one of favorable memories, not the trip from hell. Well, the same can apply to a regular day at the job, especially in today’s fast-paced, competitive market. Thus, having experience traveling the world can help develop skills that those who have not traveled may not have.

Writer Dan Oshinsky, details for Brazen Careerist key qualities workers who have global experience bring to the table that others who have none may be lacking:

The Case for Chaos

Here’s a secret: those who’ve gotten themselves lost when abroad–and particularly those who’ve found themselves in trouble–are often the ones who know how to stay calm when everything goes wrong at work.

And I promise you: One day, everything will go wrong.

Some people rise up in those situations. Some people blow up.

Don’t be the latter.

Some skills you cannot learn at school, and this is one of them. School cannot teach you how to keep your head on straight in a bad situation.

The only way to learn that is to put yourself in weird situations and try to find your way out. And the best place for that is abroad. If you’re lost in Morocco or China or Saskatchewan, you might not be able to rely on the smartphone in your pocket for answers. You might have to (gasp!) use your own intuition and resourcefulness to fix the problem.

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