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Giving The Very Best

Membership Privileges
For benefits close to home, DirecTV Titanium membership promises to keep sports and movie lovers grounded. The program offers unlimited Pay-Per-View, more than 30 premium channels, and all of DirecTV’s sports packages — including SuperFan, which provides viewing for up to eight games on the same screen. Members can request up to 10 HD DVR receivers.; $7,500 a year

Tobacco Smooth
With its robust taste and fine draw, the Fuente Fuente OpusX consistently ranks among the most sought-after cigars in the world. High demand and limited supply have forced many retailers to limit orders to two cigars at a time. The exclusivity and quality of this hand-rolled Dominican Puro cigar makes for an indulgent experience — for those lucky enough to receive them. Prices vary based on length and ring gauge, or circumference.; $28.95-$36.95 each or $477-$672 per box

Up, Up, and Away
Marquis Jet offers the other preferred black card — as a gift. A purchase of 25 hours of flight time includes a package of luxury items such as chauffeured ground transportation and a $1,500 gift certificate toward a Made-to-Measure suit by Ermenegildo Zenga. www.; $109,900–$339,900 depending on aircraft

Tastes From Home
Marcus Samuelsson has become a Scandinavian hero and an international culinary superstar, having introduced the world to his flavorful interpretations of traditional Swedish fare. In his newest book, The Soul of a New Cuisine (John Wiley & Sons), the Ethiopian-born chef, restaurateur, author, and TV host journeys to the continent of his birth and composes a coffee table book of enticing recipes and insightful stories artfully photographed in a context of historical and cultural origin. $40

Rare Treasure
Its taste has been described as challenging. Made from roughly 15 exceptional whiskies, the base of which is the rare malt Royal Lochnagar, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is for the proven connoisseur. Of even rarer distinction is its Baccarat decanter, a limited edition bottling in honor of Johnnie Walker’s 200th anniversary. Of the 4,000 “Best of Blue” offerings, only 650 will be available in the U.S. $3,499

A Drink to Go
You no longer need a special reason to pop a Veuve Clicquot cork. Champagne is an appropriate sip whether you’re celebrating, sharing a meal, or simply in the mood for some bubbly. The trademark yellow-toned, leather-trimmed Clicquot City Traveller makes it convenient — if not très chic — to pour whenever you’re ready. The gift tote includes a 375 ml bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.; $50