Getting Started with Facebook Live

Getting Started with Facebook Live

Facebook Live
Image: Facebook

Facebook Live lets you broadcast videos you create, from anywhere at any time. It also allows you to view others’ video productions. According to data collected from Facebook, people comment ten times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.

Facebook Live is a good platform with which to get acquainted, especially for building your brand or if you are a small business entrepreneur. It works on Android smartphones and iPhones.


-         Write a description: Writing a description before going live lets people know what your broadcast is about.

-         Have a game plan: You don’t want to just go live without thinking about your production. Think about what you want to talk about or do in the video. Also, if you are at an event or an unfamiliar location, check to ensure you have adequate lighting for the video.

-         Check your connectivity: If you have a weak Wi-Fi or cellular connection, Facebook’s “Go Live” button will be grayed out. Make sure you have strong Wi-Fi or at minimum, a 4G connection.

-         Do not have light directly behind you: Use natural or other lighting pointed toward you.

-         Keep track of your video’s timing: The longer the broadcast, the more likely your video will be discovered by friends and followers.

-         You can edit your video’s title and description after broadcasting: Select “Options” and the bottom and then “Edit this video.”

-         If you are using an iPhone: You can broadcast horizontally or vertically.

–         Switch views: You can switch between selfie or camera view during your broadcast.

-         Questions and comments appear during the broadcast: You can like comment during or after broadcasting; comments with profanity are automatically blocked, and you can block specific people from commenting.

-         If you lose connectivity mid-broadcast, don’t panic: Go to a location with a better signal and Facebook Live will try to re-connect. If it can’t, the broadcast will still be saved to your Facebook Page.

-         End your broadcast correctly: Pause for three seconds and wait for the “ping” sound which means you are no longer live.