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Getting Fit to Model

I read in your magazine about fit modeling. Becoming a fit model requires a lot of research and patience. Could you give me some guidance on how to pursue fit modeling in the Atlanta metro area? I was also looking for part-time work in mystery shopping. Could you provide additional information in this area?
— Anonymous, Via the Internet

Fit models collaborate with designers and their pattern makers to create garments sized for real people. What’s more, the main industry requirement is that the model is a standard size 8. There are also plus-sized fit models with larger proportions. “A good fit model becomes technically skilled at helping the designer and pattern maker create the image of the garment,” says fit model Shay Taylor (

To get started in the industry, contact several modeling agencies in Atlanta by logging on to www.joeedel Make sure these companies are reputable by asking for references and reviewing their work. Also read the Wilhelmina Guide to Modeling (Fireside; $16).

To become a mystery shopper, try the National Association of Mystery Shoppers (www.nationalassocia and the Mystery Shopping Providers Association ( for leads on how to break into the industry. Make sure the company has a physical address, a contact person, and a good reputation, and don’t send any money.