Getting Candid With Superstar Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wright Jones

Getting Candid With Superstar Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wright Jones

Dr. Wright Jones

Atlanta-based plastic surgeon Dr. Wright Jones shows us how to exhibit unwavering determination in the face of struggle through leadership, and what it takes to be the modern man.

The star of Lifetime’s docuseries Atlanta Plastic had a chance to get candid with us about his journey and the building of his empire. Being one of few African American plastic surgeons, Dr. Jones has made it his duty to give back and inspire others with his nonprofit Surgeon’s Touch. The organization was founded in an effort to help low income people, who may suffer from traumatic abnormalities.

Jones, being no stranger to dreams, recalls a time when he had nothing but had to make a way. “When I was in medical school, I remember my lights being turned off and being on the brink of homelessness. But I always knew I would be successful,” Jones says.

Giving back has been a staple in Dr. Jones’ career, from which he has created everlasting partnerships. One of these partnerships is with the United Negro College Fund, where he assists with the company’s Little Black Dress program. The program helps mothers who’ve have corrective surgery attain scholarships.

With faith in God, Jones challenges his team to stay positive and spread high energy when interacting with clients. Building an effective team that is customer service centered and trustworthy allows for patients to keep visiting the doctor’s Atlanta-based office.

“We have clients that keep coming back due to the amount of successful procedures they’ve experienced,” Jones says.

Dr. Jones’s qualities make him an unmovable force. We plan to see a lot more, from his mentorship, to his advancements in plastic surgery and the community.

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