Everyone Has a Story, Here's How to Monetize it.

Everyone Has a Story, Here’s How to Monetize It

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Authenticity is the new currency in business so if you’re looking to advance your career—writing a book, landing speaking engagements, and coaching can take you to the next level. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Find and Master Your Story


Listen, there’s opportunity in crisis, complexity, and conflict.

  • Your pain is your purpose.
  • Your frustration is an opportunity to teach.
  • Your mess becomes your message to empower.

Consider the following questions as a storytelling guide:

  • Describe one challenge that you faced along your journey.
  • How did you overcome the challenge?
  • Describe your feelings during that time (e.g., confused, afraid, rejected, stuck, angry).
  • Turn your feeling and emotions into a teachable moment. Describe the moment when you realized it was time to change. Did you challenge any societal myths, misconceptions, or break any rules?
  • How can you help someone avoid the pain or disappointment you felt?
  • What are three lessons learned you can share from this experience?
  • Why is this message so important? What result or outcome can they expect?

Choose and Study Your Audience


When it comes to monetizing your message you want to get the right people talking about your content and sharing your story. Who are the people that will resonate with your story? What habits are holding them back from success?

Create a Compelling Story That People Can Embrace


Think, what problems can I solve for my audience? How can I weave tidbits of my experiences into a compelling narrative that grabs their attention, evokes their emotions and empowers them to take action?

Build Your Platform and Publish Free Content Consistently


Creating and sharing content consistently is the start of building trust with your audience and positioning yourself as an expert or influencer. Create a variety of shareable content such as how to’s, webinars lists, videos, ultimate guides, and memes. To speak to your audience directly, make sure you are capturing their email addresses on your website.

Package Your Story into Paid Products and Services


This may include, workshops, books, coaching and speaking engagements.