Gain Detergent & Wanda Sykes Help Consumers Find The Perfect Scent Interactively

Gain & Wanda Sykes Help Consumers Find the Perfect Scent Interactively

Comedian Wanda Sykes is Gain's new spokeswoman and digital host of the Gain Scent Matchmaker Studio

After several months of delightful commercials, comedian and actress Wanda Sykes was happy to announce that she is “gainfully employed,” as she has joined the most fragranced laundry detergent as their new spokeswoman and digital host of the Gain Scent Matchmaker Studio. The Portsmouth, Virginia native stood alongside Hamilton Brown, North American brand manager for Gain, as the two unveiled the stain fighter’s revolutionary consumer interactive experience on Monday at the Eventi Hotel in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

As many may wonder what exactly this “experience” is, Sykes takes Gain users through a series of random questions to match their personality with their perfect scent. Gain created this experience because “over 72% of Americans believe the best way to express their personality is through their scent,” says Brown. But every aroma is not for everyone.

With nine scent options available–Fireworks (Sweet Sizzle), Apple Mango Tango, Butterfly Kisses, Hawaiian Aloha, Icy Fresh Fizz, Sunflower & Sunshine, Dazzle & Shine, Flirty Fresh and Dreamy Desire–the 48-year-old actress’ goal is to help laundry doers find “their ideal nasal mate.” From questions regarding music taste to daily shoe preference, Sykes uses rare scientific techniques to decipher ideal individual aromas.

“Gain is all about delivering a scent experience to consumers, or people who buy us, so we always want to find new and novel ways of getting our products in consumers hands,” Brown says about Gain’s partnership with Sykes. “Leveraging the confluence of social media and a digital experience with the experience of Gain with an engaging personality like Wanda Sykes–kind of creates a big stew that everyone wants to eat [from]. We’re trying to do something very different from the products that are out there playing. Most of the products out there talk about their performance and how good they are; we talk about our performance, but we talk about it in a way that’s all about an experience and that’s fun to engage in so you can understand what you’re getting.”

Noting that the laundry brand prides itself on a “one-on-one relationship with its consumers,” Gain is looking to hear new stories created by the Gain Scent Matchmaker Studio. Launching July 1 on YouTube, consumers worldwide will be able to follow Gain and Wanda from the Pacific Ocean to Mexico as they ask the world’s hardest questions to pair consumers with their perfect match scent.