Florida Man Awarded $1.3 Million After a Slip and Fall in Walmart

Florida Man Awarded $1.3 Million After a Slip-and-Fall in Walmart

Tom Papakalodoukas, a 41- year old Florida man won a slip-and-fall case against Walmart on Wednesday and was awarded almost $1.3 million, the Daily Mail reports.

Papakalodoukas fell on a Gatorade sign that was lying on the floor while shopping at a Walmart in Port St. Lucie. During the fall he tore his right biceps tendon and has been left with a bulging arm, a problem known as a ‘Popeye deformity’.

Surveillance footage recorded a Gatorade sign falling and Papakalodoukas slipping on it a few minutes later. Walmart denied fault, claiming that its employees did not have time to remove the fallen sign before Papakalodoukas fell. The jury disagreed.

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