Five Tips to Enhance Productivity at Work

Five Tips to Enhance Productivity at Work

You have a to-do list that will flow into next week. Your mind is spinning and wondering how you will complete all of your tasks. The usual feeling is there is not enough time in the day. Here is a secret, we all have the same 24 hours but we just have to figure out how to manage it better. When we feel overwhelmed it is difficult to be highly productive. These five tips may help you stay focused and feeling like you have more time than you need.

1. Write it down — There is something about getting your list out of your head and on paper. You can see a clear picture of what you have to do. If you would like to take it a step further, prioritize your list and time each task so you can see how your hours are divided. When you are done, cross it off. It feels good to know your list is getting smaller and things are complete.

2. Set a timer — With each task, approximate the amount of time it will take you to finish. Set the timer and focus until you are done. Many people align multitasking with productivity, but when you are completely present and have your attention on one task, your mind is clear and it will take you less time to complete. Think journey not destination.

3. Close the tabs — Only use the tabs that you need to complete the particular project. Many times we are working and have other tabs open such as email, our favorite sites, and/or social media. Once we are done “checking in” and reading interesting articles, the time has checked out.

4. Take breaks — Once you are done with the task and checked it off as complete, honor yourself with a break. Keep it short and do something you enjoy. If you can, get away from your desk, clear your mind, and prepare for the next thing on your list.

5. Reflect — Figure out what works best for you. Some people work on certain things different times of the day depending on their thought process. We are all unique embrace your indiviuality and do what works to make you shine.