Five 2012 Campaign Themed Commercials by Major Brands
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Five 2012 Campaign Themed Commercials by Major Brands

We’re being hit with political ads, it seems, several times in any hour this presidential election season. We can’t even escape it when venturing online. Many brands are taking advantage of the upcoming election with campaign style promotions.

Here are a few commercials assembled for your viewing pleasure. With the election just weeks away, we can be assured that the onslaught of clips will decline greatly.

Tostitos “One Party” Commercial

Coincidentally, the 2 debaters, I’m assuming represent the presidential candidates, one black, the other white. They are seen debating on stage when they are interrupted by the Tostitos® Spokesbag.

‘I’m Tostitos and I approve this message!’

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Boston Market “Bowl Poll” Campaign Video

This commercial, instead of you choosing between donkeys and elephants, wants you to choose between turkey and chicken. Those 2 options represent the Boston Market Bowl choices you can make. You can actually vote online!

‘Finally, a chance for Americans to vote on issues that really matter!’

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7 Eleven

The shortest clip in this collection, it has 3 separate videos for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin. Short and to the point, it features the top half of the respective currency each president is on with the bottom half, the face of an actor portraying each president. Of course, shilling for a 7 ‘Election’ product.

‘It’s quite revolutionary’

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Gas-X TV Commercial

This commercial is actually my favorite and I still smile each time I see it 23 times on TV! Set on a debate stage, one candidate gives his opponent an antacid, knowing it doesn’t relieve his gas pain.

‘My opponent says he wants to pass a gas solution!’

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FedEx Office TV Ad “Candidates”

This video shows 2 candidates bumping into each other at a FedEx office, coincidentally, picking up materials made to go on the campaign trail. Being cordial towards each other, the spot shows them getting in backhanded compliments on the materials they are both picking up.

‘You know, I’m glad we’re both running a nice, clean race.”

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