Careers in Faith: Your Calling as Your Profession

Careers in Faith: Twitter Followers Sound Off On Finding Your Calling

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When it comes to the word “calling,” most think of preachers behind a pulpit giving rousing sermons to captivated congregations. But in terms of faith and spirituality — and jobs that encompass those themes — there can be a diversity of paths and theories that are linked to one’s purpose, career fulfillment and how they pay the bills.

Sometimes the subject of career, money and spirituality can get a bit sticky, but there’s no question that careers in religion hold similar issues when it comes to advancement and professional development.

On July 23, we talked with @blackenterprise Twitter followers on the concept of finding one’s calling, how faith professionals balance ministry and business, and the role of spirituality in one’s profession.

Experts weighed in, including entrepreneur and minister Aisha Taylor, the Rev. Deborah Martin, the Rev. Courtney Jenkins and religion professor Anthony Bradley, Ph.D, giving vital insight and candid advice on careers in faith:

@DrAntBradley: When someone encourages you in ways you desire but haven’t verbalized to anyone, it’s a signal.

@DeborahMMartin: Youth often struggle with a calling because we have been taught that “secular” jobs are not Godly assignments. Not true!

@RealTaylorMade: Successful balancing requires time-management, delegation, & equal commitment to all vocations. The blessing is in balance.

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