Facebook to Launch Snapchat Competitor

Facebook Planning to Make Sexting Easier?


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With Facebook moving to ramp up its mobile offerings, rumors are swirling that the social media giant will launch its own app before the end of the year that will allow users to send “disposable” photos, according to PCWorld.

In an age where “sexting” and sending compromising images of oneself happens quite frequently (Remember Anthony Weiner?), apps like Snapchat–with its “self-destructible” photos messages (and now video files) — allow users to click and share photos without the fear of getting exposed. Users can set a time frame in which the photo can be viewed. The files are then deleted from a user’s phone, as well as the application’s servers.

If the rumors are true, Facebook’s new app will have the same concept, allowing users to choose one or more friends to share a photo with. In addition, like Snapchat, the unnamed app will show you a list of messages that were not set to self-destruct.

However, some messages may say sender beware because who knows if sent photos remain on a secret server. But applications like these provide a bit more security for daring users.

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