Executive Education – What's Next?

Executive Education – What’s Next?

Time and time again you’ve been encouraged to never stop learning. That same level of encouragement applies even as you climb to the top of the corporate food chain; attaining the executive level.

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In today’s rapidly changing work environment it would behoove you to stay on top of industry trends and developments in order to remain an asset to your field. From new technology to adapting styles of work, to updated policies, procedures, software, protocols, or a new skill set, as a budding or seasoned executive it is your responsibility to stay ahead in your development. This essentiality presents the need for executive education.

Many executives may be intimidated by the idea of re-entering the traditional learning space that they, perhaps, have been far removed from. The good news is that in many cases they don’t have to. Many of the graduate-level business schools for executives offer non-degree/non-credit programs along with many offering certificates with minimal time commitments.

The focus of these programs can vary anywhere from leadership, management, finance, social enterprise, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, wealth management, strategy, governance, and more, with programs varying from less than a week to a month or more.

Find out what may be necessary for you to remain a thriving player in your industry at the 2016 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit’s BE Smart: From Invisible to Invincible–Using Executive Education to Make Your Next Move executive leadership session. Register now and head to sunny Hollywood, Florida, March 9-12, at Hilton Diplomat Resort & Spa to explore how you can strategically use lifelong learning including high-level certificate and credential programs to upgrade your skills and increase your mobility.

Director of Development and Marketing at AFS Intercultural Programs, Sheryl Hilliard Tucker, will be facilitating this session on financing the acquisition of an executive skill set, and identifying the skills you need to get where you want to be. Her specialty is transforming individuals and organizations into more strategic, creative, and effective entities–you don’t want to miss this.

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