Rapper Eve's Career Evolution and Different Turns of Her journey
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Eve’s Career Evolution from Rapper to Actress and More


eveAfter several years of living under the radar rapper Eve returned to the music scene with the release of her album Lip Lock last spring. Although the album did not receive great sales it did not diminish her will to keep moving forward.

Eve who has dabbled as an actress and fashion designer talked about her career with Ebony.com and the different directions it has taken as well as new prospects on the horizon.

For a lot of hip-hop artists, one album can make or break their career. For Eve Jihan Jeffers, Lip Lock isn’t your typical rap album.

“I honestly didn’t have any kind of expectations about the album,” Eve says. “Right off the bat, I knew it was a different kind of album. I knew the music I put on it and the singles I put out wouldn’t be on the radio. I kind of did that on purpose. I wanted to make the music I wanted to make. And ultimately, I knew that my real fans, fans that know me and love me, were going to come with me anyway.