How Envisioning Your Future Success Can Help You Get to Where You Want to Be

How Envisioning Your Future Success Can Help You Get to Where You Want to Be

Visioning your future is the act of seeing in your mind what you want to happen.

It is more than just thinking about what you want to happen. You need to see your vision as an accomplished feat, as if it has already happened. In your mind’s eye, your vision is real, as if you’ve already reached your goal.

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Here’s an example: I recently went through a Rusty Wallace Racing Experience in which participants drive NASCAR cars around a pro track. You can drive as fast as you want, and it can get a little scary. Before you put on the fire suit, helmet and neck brace, the instructors take you through a one-hour training course. (If you didn’t buy the insurance upfront, then you sure will want to by the end of the instructional session – they do a great job of scaring you!) One of their main points is to look where you want to go.

Over and over they say, ‘If anything goes wrong, remember to look where you want to go because if you look at the wall, you will hit the wall; if you look at a car in front of you, you will hit that car. So look where you want your car to go and you will go there.’

Visioning is the same thing.

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