Blogging Your Way Out Of That Entry-Level Job

How To Blog Your Way Out Of That Entry-Level Job

It’s no secret that Millennials hate their entry-level jobs. There’s nothing more depressing than spending four years in college thinking you’re building the foundation for a successful career only to find yourself fetching coffee and licking three thousand envelopes in a stuffy office. Anyone else with me on that?

I started blogging when I was a sophomore in college, and because of my blog and the ability to effectively stalk people on Twitter, I was able to land a job working from home for a mid-size PR agency based in New York. And guess what? The ways I leveraged blogging to skip entry-level work can be replicated by anyone with a computer and a few good ideas.

So how can you skip an entry level position by blogging?

Check out the three ways at BrazenCareerist