Entrepreneurs Summit: Business On Demand

Entrepreneurs Summit: Business On Demand

Black Enterprise proudly presents the newly launched Entrepreneurs Summit On-Demand videos for you to enjoy whenever you choose. If you’re unfamiliar with BE’s Entrepreneurs Summit, it is the largest gathering of black business owners in the nation and serves as the the choice-business conference and networking event for African American corporate executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Those who missed this year’s Entrepreneurs Summit, or those who attended but would like a refresher, can now access on-demand videos from the summit at any time. Check out clips from the event, including the BE100s Anniversary Celebration Awards Dinner, or the Entrepreneurs Luncheon featuring speaker Michael Lee Chin; executive chairman, CEO, CIO & portfolio manager for Portland Investment Counsel. Learn to leverage reality television to further your business with a one-on-one in depth conversation with one of America’s leading entrepreneurs. Have a tech startup idea? Watch Need for Speed: Accelerating Your Tech Startup, where an expert panel discusses cutting-edge tech startup accelerator programs, and listen to companies share success stories. Hear from business owner Jermaine Dupree about what it takes to operate a successful business in an ever-changing climate. It’s all right here.

There is so much to acquire and learn as an entrepreneur, and Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneur Summit and ES On-Demand are great ways to start. To get your jump start into ES On Demand click here. For more information about the Entrepreneurs Summit be sure to visit http://dev.blackenterprise.com/events/entrepreneurs-conference/.