Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Summit: 5 Helpful Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

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A report by the Center for Women’s Business Research found that Hispanic and African American women are the fastest growing entrepreneurial groups in the U.S, rising at rates of 133.3% and 191.4%, respectively, from 1997 to 2007. To promote the economic and entrepreneurial progress of women, lists five resources that provide varying services to female-led businesses.

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Explore these tools for women entrepreneurs, and get more valuable insight at the Entrepreneurs Summit in Atlanta May 13-16.

Walker’s Legacy

Walker’s Legacy launched in 2009 as a quarterly women in business lecture series to inspire women to fulfill their professional passion and purpose. The founder, Natalie Madeira, created the collective after she found herself in need of woman mentors as she pursued her first entrepreneurial endeavor. Named after Madam C.J. Walker, Walker’s Legacy promotes the career advancement, skill sets and networks of women in business and women entrepreneurs through mentorships, summit series and other programs.