4 Proven Ways Entrepreneurs Can Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Four Proven Ways Entrepreneurs Can Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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In today’s society, it seems many entrepreneurs feel it has become tougher to balance their work-life—but why? It could be many things, pressure to complete projects and meet deadlines can have you pulling all-nighters in front of your computer or perhaps taking out your phone while you have dinner with family. In the past, if someone wanted to get work done on the weekends or work late, they would either have to stay in the office until they got their tasks done, or drag themselves into the office on the weekend.

With the endless amounts of technology that you gorge yourself in, it seems impossible to escape from work and focus on your well-being. Fortunately, I am here to save you from the endless amounts of emails and pdf documents that your smartphone is berating you with even as you read this.

Creating a healthy work-life balance can take time, but it’s worthwhile knowing you can reserve time just for work and time to enjoy being alone and with friends and family.


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1. Put Down the Phone


You heard me, put down the phone and step away! By having your smartphone on all the time, you aren’t giving yourself the necessary time to turn “off.” The endless notifications you look at during the day only increases your stress levels. According to The Telegraph, the Future Work Centre reported that constant access to email is associated with higher levels of stress. There comes a point in the day where you need to step away from the constant notifications your phone is sounding off and focus on things that matter most to you—whether it’s your dog, recreational activities, a television show, or your family, you need time to de-stress from work and focus on something that brings you joy.

Start today by following the rule of “no phones at the dinner table” and enjoy some precious time with your loved ones.



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2. Exercise and Meditate


Whether it’s running out in the open, playing a game of basketball, or doing yoga, find an activity to burn off some steam. Work can be a very stressful environment, so it’s important for you to find time to implement exercise into your day. According to the American Psychological Association and the Stress in America survey report, 37% of adults report exercising less than once a week or not at all. Furthermore, only 17% of adult’s report exercising daily. Many people associate their lack of exercise due to the levels of stress they face, yet 43% of adults who exercise to manage stress levels say they have skipped exercising in the past month due to stress levels. With that being said, 53% of adults say they feel better about themselves after they exercise.

Yoga, for example, is a great way to keep your stress levels down. It gives a place to relieve yourself of the work environment and lets you have an hour to yourself to think, de-stress, and rejuvenate. You’ll notice quickly how scheduling one hour of exercise every day will bring a tremendous change to your mind and body, thus making you a more mindful business owner.



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3. Don’t Shut Yourself In


Do you often find yourself coming up with excuses to stay in when you’re stressed, rather than go out and socialize? Although it’s important to have down time and create time for yourself, it isn’t healthy to be alone and locked inside your home or apartment every night. Make time throughout the week to go out and experience something fun—whether it’s a concert, a movie or just going out to dinner. Your business is like a child and it’s understandable that you want to take care of it and be available as often as possible, but it’s not a living, breathing being, you can (and should) walk away at the end of the work day and go out and enjoy yourself or spend time with people you love.


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4. Don’t Burn Yourself Out


This is way easier said than done, right? Although a strong work ethic is important, you need to keep realistic expectations for yourself so you don’t burn out and fizzle. You want your work to showcase your abilities, so if you take on too much work at once the quality of your work might decrease. Another important aspect of not burning yourself out is to not working extremely late into the night. It’s OK if you have one or two late nights a month, because life is full of unexpected events, but it’s important not to constantly play catch-up with your work. While in the office, it’s imperative you stay focused and on task so you don’t constantly have to bring work home. By staying on task, you can keep your work life at work and your personal life separate.


At the end of the day, the work and personal life should never constantly intermix. At times, it will be necessary to make sacrifices for work, but it’s extremely important for your health to maintain a healthy work-life balance. These four tips will help you start your path to a more balanced life, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try other techniques that will make you happier and less stressed. Every entrepreneur is different in their own way, that’s why you should start by identifying what’s bogging you down and create a game plan to correct it so that you can enjoy life a little more.