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Emergency Style Kit Essentials for the Working Fashionista

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Lets face it: Today’s corporate woman is constantly on the go. And maintaining equilibrium in career, home, and spirit while being in style as a trendsetter isn’t always easy. As part of our “BE Polished” style series, we detail some awesome products to keep on hand for those fashion emergencies. These items will help you maintain a flawless look, and ensure you’re always ready to put your best look forward when sealing the next business deal. Your transition from the corporate office to an after-work mixer, or a date at that chic cigar lounge this fall will be seamless!


Fashion Tape 

Tape to the Rescue! We all dread a wardrobe malfunction, so to be prepared for such a snafu. Wardrobe tape can keep hemlines, drape-y blouses, and wrap dresses in check! To keep things simple, invest in a double stick version such as the Hollywood Fashion Tape.



Tinted Moisturizer

After a long day at the office, refresh your make-up with a tinted moisturizer, specifically one with SPF.  Tinted moisturizers with SPF condense three steps into one (foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer).



Swiss Knife

Thought this was just for woodsmen? Think again. Whether you need to fix a chipped nail or snip a loose thread, every woman needs a Swiss Army knife. Try the Victorinox Swiss Army Tomo Knife which offers the same features of the basic Swiss army knife in a sleek, colorful design.



Lip Balm 

A dry lip is never a good look, so it’s best to pucker up throughout the day with a moisturizing lip balm. Try Evolutions of Smooth’s  lip balms which come in a chic sphere applicator and are 100% natural. Your lips will thank you!



Mini Steamer

Even being in the office going from meeting to meeting, lunch to desk or client to client can take a toll on clothing, leaving you looking wrinkled and disheveled. Maintain that polished look or touch up your change of ensemble with the chic and handy portable steamer.



Some offices require women to wear hosiery, while others don’t. Either way, it’s always good to have a nice pair on hand to to handle what’s almost inevitable: a run or snag. HUE hosiery comes in a range of sizes, tones, and textures–adding a  punch of polish to any ensemble.




Nothing says glamour like a good eye shadow to take you from day to night,


Mirror Brush 

Any 2-in-1 product is great when it comes to convenience and space saving, so for hair touch-ups, having a mini brush/mirror combo is a good look.


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