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Economista: Top Job Search Websites

Whether you’re on the hunt for a job or looking for a little career advice to help you secure that next promotion, there are resources aplenty. But discerning the helpful ones from the not-so-helpful ones among the numerous and varied career sites that seem to pop up all the time can become a job in itself. Aside from CareerBuilder and, there are a number of websites that will help you in your job hunt, whether through advice or actual postings. Take a look at some of the top career sites for job seekers.

  • Forbes Woman: Here you’ll find advice on how to strategize your job search, develop a top-notch resume, and get advice from top executives around the country–specifically for women career blazers.
    Twitter: @ForbesWoman
  • This is a well-rounded site when it comes to looking for government jobs and positions at non-profit organizations. Even if you’re in information technology, accounting, or public relations, Idealist offers up-to-the-minute postings on job openings across the nation. Idealist provides information for those looking to work or volunteer abroad, too.
    Twitter: @Idealist (Click here for Idealist job postings by state on Twitter.)
  • Business Insider: Not only can you find investment information on Business Insider, the website’s job board is comprehensive when it comes to searching for technology and finance positions. Whether you’re an iPad developer or tax manager, there’s something here for you.
    Twitter: @TBIJobs