E3 2013: Best Game Titles Debuting This Year

Top 10 Video Game Titles of E3 2013

Electronic Entertainment Expo is the place to be for hardcore gamers, analysts, industry insiders, and press who want to eat, breathe and sleep gaming for four days straight. This year, the video game conference did not disappoint, giving consumers all the details surrounding Sony’s PS4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and numerous game titles. Here, BlackEnterprise.com highlights the best, highly-anticipated games from E3 2013.

Saints Row IV (Deep Silver)

Price: $59.99

Release Date: 8/20/2013

The Saints Row franchise has pushed the envelope with each edition since debuting in 2006. A change in publisher from the now defunct THQ to Square Enix has not dulled the latest iterations in the least bit. In SR IV, the Saints have hijacked the presidency and turned the White House into the White Crib. The Saints leader’s approval ratings are in the toilet, but that is the least of his worries as an alien attack has crippled America. Imagine previous Saints games but add alien attacks and super powers including telekinesis and you have SR IV. Some will be offended by the language and childish humor but overall it is a fun and entertaining title.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision)

Price: $59.99 (Current Generation)

Release Date: 11/5/13

As far as first-person-shooters go, Call of Duty is king but with huge titles like Titanfall and Destiny coming to 4th generation consoles, Activision/Blizzard have to do big things to maintain the franchise’s dominance. Judging from the gameplay that was demoed at E3, they are in good shape. CoD’s most popular mode is online multiplay but Activision only showed single player campaign, perhaps to accentuate the Stephen Gaghan-penned storyline, which centers around two brothers and their trained dog, Reilly. The trio fight along with the resistance in the first CoD that puts the user in an underdog role. A new storyline, new physics and realistic graphics will definitely have shooter fans lining up for this title on day one.

Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)

Price: $59.99 (Current Generation)

Release Date: 11/19/13

It is not often that a game is developed with a completely new premise, but Watch Dogs does just that. The story surrounds Aiden Pierce, a modern-day vigilante that uses a smartphone as his weapon of choice to hack his way to justice.  Set in a fully hackable Chicago, Pierce gets in and out of trouble by controlling just about anything with an electric circuit. During the show, Ubisoft showed both a free roaming open world demo with player drop-in capability, as well as mission-based gameplay. As a vigilante, Pierce also needs to keep his reputation intact with the citizens of Chicago, which puts the player in positions to make the morally correct decisions or go for the easy win.