Millenials Shun Media, News Coverage [Study]

Do Young People Care About the Media?

Paula Poindexter, a journalism school professor at The University of Texas at Austin College of Communications has a new book, Millennials, News, and Social Media: Is News Engagement a Thing of the Past?, that analyzes the relationship between millennials and the media.

Her main finding: young people have little-to-no regard for the news. Specifically, they describe the media as “boring,” “biased,” and “garbage.” Dang!

Perhaps more importantly, her research shows that millennials don’t see the importance of being informed (though they are using their mobile devices to access news when they decide to check in).

“We can’t continue to ignore the problem. The older generation is dying out. Who will be the role model encouraging future generations to be informed?” Poindexter said in a press statement available on, which is also collecting comments on this topic on its Facebook page.

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